Refrigerator Repair: When You Should Call An Expert

One of the most useful appliances ever invented is the refrigerator. Also known as the fridge, ref, or freezer, this nifty food preserver allows people to store food (raw or cooked) for a much longer period of time.

With the aid of the cold temperature it produces, one can be sure that the food stays fresh and ready for consumption the moment it comes out of the ref. Also, one can also make ice-cold drinks through this.

However, what if the time comes your refrigerator bogs down, not functioning as efficiently as it did before? You try to investigate the cause on your own, but to no avail. As such, you try to call up the services of a refrigerator repair service near your area.

But, when should you call an expert to repair your fridge?

Reasons for calling a ref repair service.

  1. Refrigerator isn’t cooling up/isn’t cooling efficiently.
  • Check on the following:
  1. Are the doors sealing tightly?
  2. Are the condenser coils clean?
  • If both the abovementioned parts are working well, most probably, the thermostat isn’t working.
  • Check the freezer for frost (telltale sign)
  • Refrigerator produces weird and loud sounds.
  • Normal sound produced by the refrigerator: faint hum
  • Have your refrigerator checked if it produces the following sounds:
  1. Thumping
  • Could possibly indicate the compressor’s not working
  • Buzzing
  • Could indicate the motor isn’t working
  • Squealing sound
  • Could possibly indicate the freezer fan is not working
  • Sound produced is louder than usual
  • There is a puddle, moisture or frost on your refrigerator.
  • A working refrigerator should work on dry and cool conditions.
  • If there is any sign of moisture, it could only mean one of the following:
  1. Condensation issue
  2. Faulty door seal
  3. Mullion heater malfunction
  4. Other parts-related malfunction

In any kind of refrigerator issue, it is hard to pinpoint the exact reason if you are not technically knowledgeable about it. That is the reason why refrigerator technicians are present. You can call on them anytime you notice some early signs of trouble, before it’s too late.