Chinese Is Hard To Learn, Unless You Have A Tutor To Help

So now that you have finally decided to learn Chinese with the aid of a tutor, this does not necessarily mean that everything will be easy and carefree since someone will guide you every step of the way. True, especially if you don’t have any background at all in the language, it can still be pretty hard to learn it even if you have a tutor. It is not enough that you merely sit back and take everything what your tutor tells you in a plain passive approach. Still, a big part of the effort will come from you for you to completely learn Chinese.

For those who have already learned proficiently the Chinese language through a tutor, they would definitely agree that there are effectively tips before one can successfully master the language. Thus, when it comes to learning this difficult language with a tutor and in order to make your chinese tuition worth it, the following are some helpful tips that you need to remember.

Tips to learn Chinese with a tutor:

  • Practice talking the language.

It is not enough that you just merely memorize and put into heart the Chinese words. After all, you are learning to speak the language, and not just merely know Chinese translation. Don’t expect your tutor to do most of the talking for it is you who need to speak most of the time. Sure, this will make you commit certain errors in the field of grammar, accent and intonation. But this only means that you will be actively learning from your mistakes – that is where your tutor will help you guide in the process.

  • Learn to speak rapidly and with urgency.

It is not enough that you stammer the language. Since talking the language is the key, make it sure that you speak rapidly and with urgency. Part of the quality of learning Chinese is the quantity of words that you will be learning.